Saturday, September 4, 2010

Socialist Nanny State strikes again

I just found out I can't take my RenFair dagger to Australia.

I tried googling to see how out of control the dagger-murder epidemic was, but the FBI only classifies murders by "edged or stabbing weapons." No differentiation between hunting knives, meat cleavers, swords, and the dreaded dagger.

I can't take my nunchuks, either, but that's no surprise since even Arizona classifies them as illegal (even for martial arts instructors like me!).

Yes, that's right: in Arizona you are allowed to carry a concealed semi-automatic pistol with enough firepower to crack an engine block, but if the cops catch you with two pieces of wood attached by a cord you are going down!

And in Australia I can import swords. Nice, authentic katanas sharp enough to behead a man in a single swing. Or bayonets - it's OK to have a double-edged stabbing weapon if it can also be attached to a rifle.

I can see that my inability to hold simultaneous and contradictory ideas is a bar to serving in government. Sucks to be me.


  1. The only weapon you're going to need in Australia is a fly swat.

  2. And mozzie repelant - they're the most dangerous animal on the face of the planet, don't cha know? Aeroguard, and avagoodweekend.

    Love, Simian.

  3. Another great feature of the desert I'll miss - hardly any bugs!